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What is Metaphysics

What is Metaphysics?
By Veronica Sáenz

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that is responsible for study the nature, structure, components and principles of reality.
Metaphysics means "beyond nature, beyond the physical in this First Philosophy, as it was called it was important to study of Being as such, their attributes and their causes.
Over the time there have been several theories and ramifications of this science as has happened with all branches of knowledge in general but it is necessary to go back to our roots and know that here in  El Rincón de Yam we are going to handle the unseen world of both speaking and what some people are trying to pigeonhole and try to explain with a thousand theories.
I do not philosophical theories, but if I have the experience learned from people very valuable and knowledgeable about these issues and years of experience to hold their hands to yourself to discover who they are, what their mission in life and how to reach to that state of happiness and peace in which we want to be each one of us.
You should know that our Astral body and our physical body, are the basis of our work, as both work hand by hand, we work with both of them to push through most of the problems we encounter in our lives.
This applies to different therapies, each works differently but all help us to liberate the chains that haunt us, to put the balance on its level so we can ask for help from The Karma Regents to purge all those actions that have led to the return to this planet to pay what we owe.
It sounds easy and it really is, self-knowledge, reflection, self-analysis done with honesty consciousness makes us see things from another point of view, another angle,  that knowledge will lead us to the mystical knowledge of being, will make awaken the consciousness of being, at this time paying the price with this individual work, we can stop the suffer.
Karma is the price we must pay for our mistakes, and that we pay eventually, can be sooner or later but we must pay, the only way do NOT pay is to compensate for our mistakes with good deeds and with "coins" money to ask to be freed of the pain that is causing us.
Karma is a blessing but no one believes it. it is not a blessing to do bad things or negative, but being able to learn from each of these situations and come out on top is actually a gift, and that makes us grow and become stronger.
When we have a karma to pay, better we pay it gladly, if I know that you will say that it is quite difficult, but if we do not take these situations to let out our BEING and not learn to kill our egos and personalities will not be doing anything that will lead to personal growth such that at some point we will be available to exchange this actions for suffering and we can ask to take this actions as payment.
You need to live consciously, to be responsible for everything you do and say and always have a reason.
Perhaps in the eyes of others we will be wrong but if we have grounds to sustain our actions one way or another life give us back the credibility and the currency will be back in our favor if that's how it should be.
If not us either went against anybody or ourselves for keeping quiet depending on the seriousness of the matter can create us karma us to know something and not say.
This is not easy, and requires a deep study but the bases are to be every day more conscious and this happend only living on the lookout for ourselves 24 hours a day and annihilating our egos and personalities in the course of the day and according to the consciousness that we gain of the night.
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